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Piper’s Friends

Piper Elisabeth Boyd was born at Piedmont Hospital on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 1:57 am.  She was full term (38 weeks, 6 days) at birth.  She weighed a healthy 8 lbs., 7 oz., and measured 21 inches.  She had a full head of dark hair and was positively adorable.  She was the angel we had prayed would arrive in our lives for so long.

piper1The pregnancy was largely uneventful and typical.  No serious warning signs or distress signals presented themselves in 38+ weeks.  Meaghan’s water broke at 12:30 am on November 3 and shortly thereafter she started bleeding.  We rushed to Piedmont where an emergency cesarean delivery was performed due to the unexplained bleeding.  Piper required breathing assistance immediately after delivery but seemed to gain strength in the minutes after birth.  Ten minutes after birth, her heartbeat inexplicably stopped.  The NICU team resuscitated her and she was transferred to Piedmont’s NICU.  The cause of Piper’s acute issues remains undetermined.


The Piedmont NICU team recommended that we send Piper to the NICU at Grady Memorial Hospital where she could undergo a “cooling blanket” treatment, which is used to decrease an infant’s body temperature to stabilize the body and prevent long-term damage to organs and body functions. We transferred Piper to Grady around 7 am Thursday morning. 

The Grady NICU team (Dr. Piazza, Dr. Adams-Chapman, and all of the NICU nurses and staff) did the best they could.  In the end, despite the cooling blanket, blood transfusions, medications, and the love and prayers of our family and friends, Piper’s heart rate was too low to sustain her life.  She passed away in our arms on November 4, 2011 at 11:00 am.

piper2We were incredibly lucky to have the Grady NICU in Atlanta, just a short drive from Piedmont Hospital, in our time of need.  The doctors and nurses are first rate.  The facilities, including the waiting rooms and family sleeping rooms (where Jared spent Thursday night), are cold and bare and in need of refurbishment.  Upon leaving Grady that Friday afternoon, we knew we wanted to help.  We discovered Lukas’ Fund through a Grady social worker and board member and are proud to be partnering with them to achieve our common goal of supporting Grady’s NICU. 

We are honored to establish “Piper’s Friends” in our sweet daughter’s memory.  Donations made to Piper’s Friends are tax-deductible and will be used to support projects planned for Grady’s NICU by Lukas’ Fund, including renovation of a waiting room and a family sleeping room, and projects we have in mind, including a new family sleeping room or end of life family room called “Piper’s Room” and a library of health and bereavement books for parents on NICU babies.  You can donate to Piper’s Friends by clicking on the link below or sending a check made payable to “Lukas’ Fund” to Meaghan and Jared Boyd at 4016 North Stratford Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30342.  Please note in the memo line of your check that the donation is for Piper’s Friends.

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Thank you for your support. 

Meaghan and Jared Boyd (Piper’s Mom and Dad)